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Perhaps you saw us on Googles Hangout with Google, if not, here is a link to the blog post with the video.

Hangout med Google Induo

As we have gotten a lot of questions after the hangout we decided to make a blog post related to the topic. Induo AB are specialists in connectivity and wireless communication, the company was founded in 2008. Induo AB handles the B2B segment and we also have a daughter company, Induo Home, that focuses on B2C.

Induo distributes modems and routers that connects machines such as parking meters, industrial automation systems and SCADA systems in water and waste management facilities. The average person will perhaps never take notice our communication system, they take for granted that they can pay their ferry ticket with a credit card and they rest assured that the bus will arrive on time.

When it comes to our daughter company the focus is still connectivity but the product range is a bit different. Although we do run a B2B and a B2C company, we do want to refer to them as P2P companies, person to person.

Our channel

We created our YouTube channel in 2009, we have published on average 20 videos per year. Today YouTube is a complement to static home pages. We have different categories of videos, we have product presentations, tutorials and applications to mention the most important.

We typically produce one video for each new product we launch. We produce and record all videos in-house and publish them on YouTube. The first use is then as a complement to a press release or product release but we also use it on our home page. We have heard from both customers and reporters that videos have been useful for them. We market our YouTube channel on our home page, on our blogs and publish videos on twitter and Facebook as well. 55% of our audience watches our videos on our home page, the rest watches our channel or finds our videos by searching the web.

The avid sales guy

The videos are like the perfect sales guy. When someone wants to hear more about a product they can se what we have to say when they want us to, and they can finish listening when the want as well. Each day YouTube makes it possible to talk to 75 persons on average, imagine a single sales guy doing 75 visits a day, this way is far cheaper and better.

Up to date we have had about 38 000 views, some think this is low, but we have taken a strategy not to produce videos that gets viral. Our YouTube goal is to build a long-term brand name, viral videos are more of a short-term strategy.

Our cost for recording these films are low, we use only consumer cameras and smart phones. Lighting is from a hardware store, we compose the music in Garageband, so our costs are low. Compared to traveling to customers doing canvas visits the costs are very attractive.

When we started we thought that it was a good platform for publishing video. The benefit we saw was that it was easy to track number of viewers to learn what we should publish.

In the beginning we did not use the videos embedded on our home page, but two years ago we changed that strategy and that was when things were getting really interesting. When we embedded the videos on our webpage we could see that people really started to watch the videos and we got increased brand awareness.

Today we really like that we can use it easily, it is easy to upload, easy to share and most important we get very good feedback from customers and sales are also increasing as a result.

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Induo AB
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